5 key marketing strategies for a successful online personal brand

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Successfully branding yourself requires more than a logo or motto that sums up what you do best.

Your personal brand – how you present what you stand for and how you help potential clients achieve their goals – must stick online.

With the rise of social media and powerful advertising tools, small businesses and self-employed individuals like tax professionals, dentists, real estate agents, etc., can connect their unique voice to potential customers more than ever. The development and execution of a well-crafted personal brand online, then, is especially crucial for business growth.

As consumers are faced with more options and tools to help them make their purchasing decisions, it’s important to polish your brand for an online audience. Take a look at these five marketing strategies that can boost your personal online brand.


Social media is important, but where are you going to direct customers who find you on Facebook or LinkedIn?

The answer is to your website.

The services you provide belong on a dynamic point of entry. Your website should be easy to use, mobile-friendly and driven by useful content that draws a straight line between what your customers need and the services you provide.

More tips for your website here.


Content is king. Social media, key messaging, downloadable guides and information provided to potential customers contribute mightily to business performance.

Businesses are put in the driver’s seat with well-crafted content because it can attract customers, provide information consumers can use and build trust between your business and your clients.

Adding resources to the content you build through professional graphics and social media consulting will help you shape a winning message.


The importance of content is indisputable. And a premium method to convey your brand or present your business to potential clients is through video.

Today, it is a preferred medium to consume content online, and this includes learning about products and services.

Whether you shoot a fast-and-quick live video, or produce a polished social media commercial, the use of video is indispensable to building your online brand.

More tips on video can be found here.


Targeting potential customers through online advertising (via social media platforms and Google) is customizable and scalable to your needs.

As customers are more integrated online and leave behind digital trails, powerful ads can connect your services with eager customers.

Sites like Google, or your preferred social media platform, can locate people interested in doing business in a quick swipe or click.

Be An Expert

Add instant credibility to your business and brand by providing something of value to potential customers.

Present yourself as an expert through highlighting your sterling online reviews, or by delivering useful content that actually helps people find a solution to their problem.

With social media, there’s always an opportunity to show off your expertise. So be active, be consistent and provide value, and you’ll quickly be seen an expert with industry influence.

As you build your business and your personal brand, we know it’s important for you to you to keep up the momentum you worked so hard to achieve. The digital world is expansive and requires a strong strategy to stand out from the crowd. From online advertising, videos to social media content creation and management, our services reach every digital corner so that your business can reach its every goal.

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