Bring new life to TikTok ads with these tips

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Bring new life to TikTok ads with these tips

Reaching your marketing objectives and optimizing digital content requires a lot of things, including constant experimentation.

As creatives know, persistent tinkering is the name of the game, especially as you boost conversion rates on TikTok, a relatively newer platform businesses are exploring. With more than 100 million monthly active users within the United States and 38% of them over age 30, it’s a wide-open channel for businesses to get their name out. And given the platform is relatively new, some businesses can launch their outreach without much competition and a low cost.

So if you want to explore the TikTok possibilities, here’s some budget-friendly and easy-to-implement universal guidance on proven tactics to optimize TikTok content so you can reach your desired marketing campaign objectives.

The shorter, the better

In comparing video ads, TikTok content with a running time of about 21 to 34 seconds performs much better than those that fall under or over that length.

At that sweet spot length, conversion rates jump by 280%. This is a good reason to aim for 21 to 34 seconds, but it’s not the recommended length for all videos. Feel free to break from this safe zone whenever the occasion arises, but for most videos, being in the middle will usually feel just right.

Use high resolution

Even video on the small screen of most smartphones shines when it’s high quality. There’s just no way to capture your brand’s detail and feel without showcasing it in high definition.

As you know, many smartphones are equipped with advanced cameras more than capable of shooting in 720p resolution or even higher, but don’t lose out on that quality through file compressions. Make sure your software is maintaining all the video richness before you post your next video masterpiece.

The expected lift in conversion rate with high-resolution video is higher than you would think.

Maximize screen

Verticality is the go-to format for most TikTok users who have no problem viewing and interacting with content at the 9:16 aspect ratio. So, give it a try.

Portrait mode gives you the ability to maximize the screen content and amplify your message. It also lets you avoid the black side bars on the edges of the screen. According to TikTok, going with this preferred ratio can increase conversion rates by 91%.

Invite audience to take part

Don’t be shy with your CTAs. Calls to action, which can be a simple message in text format, can lift conversion rates by 152%.

Sometimes, the audience just wants to hear directly about the brand and how they can take part. If there’s not CTA, then there’s nothing for the user to really do but move on or take proactive action. So, make it easy on them, include some CTAs and never miss an opportunity to land a new conversion.

Remember, the goal is to be your authentic self, above all else. Once you find the right formula and hit your groove that reflects your brand in an authentic way, you’ll begin to find more success.

Getting started is easy. You don’t have to plan out a months-long campaign to be effective. Just keep some of the above tips in mind and begin to find your voice that speaks volumes about your brand.

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