New year marketing resolutions for your business

by | Jan 5, 2021 | Business, Marketing | 0 comments

A new year is a fresh slate, full of possibilities and opportunities. It’s the perfect time to establish goals, think about what’s been working for you and consider where changes may need to be made. While you’re crafting that resolution list to guide you into the new year, don’t forget about your business.

Here a few ideas to get started on your 2021 marketing resolutions.

  1. Stay true to your brand: There are a lot of shiny objects floating around these days, and it can be tempting to chase down trends and new platforms as soon as they pop up. Staying authentic to your brand’s key values will deepen your connection to your most loyal customers and build long-lasting relationships with new ones.
  2. Define your strategy: Behind every successful business is a solid, well-constructed marketing strategy. Building and implementing a strategy allows you to get a clear picture of who you’re speaking to, where you’re speaking to them and the messages you want to convey along with other important factors that will help maximize your ROI at each step of your customer’s journey.
  3. Speak to your target audience: Sorry to deliver the bad news, but you can’t be everything to everyone, no matter how hard you try. However, this doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Gain a clear understanding of who your target audience is, getting as detailed as possible, and then make sure you’re talking only to them every time you launch a campaign.
  4. Nurture your leads: After you bring in leads, the real work begins. Set up a solid lead nurturing workflow specific to where customers are in their journey with you to keep leads interested and nurture them until they convert. This will likely involve multiple touchpoints, such as email marketing, retargeted ads and SMS marketing to name a couple.
  5. Show your website some love: With online usage at an all-time high, you are missing out on opportunities if your website isn’t showcasing your business properly. If a complete redesign is needed but you don’t have the resources, prioritize. Focus on the user’s experience on your home page and optimize landing pages that are actively driving traffic to them.
  6. Polish your profiles: One of the best and worst things about social media marketing is that the platforms are constantly changing to meet users’ needs. While this is great from a user experience standpoint, this means that you need to regularly check in to see where your profiles need some polishing. Look for things like cover and profile photo dimensions, linking opportunities back to your site and “about” sections that need some love.
  7. Incorporate video: This one should be shouted from the rooftops. Video marketing is no longer a “nice to have.” It’s an absolute must. If you want to kick your content’s reach up a few notches, incorporating video into your marketing mix is going to be your secret weapon this year.
  8. Establish (and measure) KPIs: It can be exciting to see big numbers of likes and reactions on your content, but do you know what those really mean for your business? This year, instead of getting caught up in these vanity metrics, lay out the key performance indicators (KPIs) that bring value to your business and then measure/assess them regularly.
  9. Think outside the box: A lot of social media content is focused on trends, and that can cause things to feel a little bit redundant. Staying up to date with trends is always a good idea but owning your own unique brand personality is going to go a lot further with your audience. Take risks and try a few new things while still staying true to your brand.
  10. Have a ton of fun: We know that it can feel like serious business when constructing a formal marketing strategy. At the end of the day, don’t forget that marketing your business should be a ton of fun! Let the good times roll.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the ways you can improve your business this upcoming year and this is just a start. We can help with a free one-hour brainstorm session at ellingtondigital.com/contact-us.