10 ideas for Facebook and Instagram content

by | Nov 6, 2020 | Facebook, Instagram | 0 comments

We get it; it can feel almost impossible to know what to post to your social media platforms right now. Anything too cheerful could come across tone-deaf and anything too heavy could go awry. While it’s always best to stay authentic to your brand’s identity and personality, there are a few things that your audience is sure to love.

If you’ve been brainstorming and keep coming up short, take note of these 10 post ideas for Instagram and Facebook.

Positive sentiments

Everyone can use a little bit of uplifting content right now. Whether that’s a baby animal doing something adorable or a positive quote to reassure your followers, just remember to keep it authentic to your business.

Behind the scenes

Even if you’re not face to face with customers right now, it’s nice to remind them who is behind the screens. The next time you have a teamwide Zoom meeting, take a screenshot or photo. Have some fun with it by choosing a theme.

Weekend adventures:

Whether you’re a small business with a local customer base or a national business with customers across the country, people love to see that the business they support has real humans behind it. Give a sneak peek of weekend adventures to show your team outside their professional element.

Share a laugh

Interrupted work meetings, dogs barking in the backgrounds of calls and other snafus are just the norm now. Find a way to share the funny moments that are happening all around to connect and resonate with your followers.

Tip Tuesdays

Hand out some knowledge freebies in the form of a video tip in your area of expertise. Consider some of the FAQs you are getting right now and then spotlight one of those with an answer in the form of a tip.

Go live:

Do you have any virtual consultations coming up? Get permission to go live with a client or potential client during an Instagram live and facilitate a shortened consultation with them. This will give new clients some insight into all that you have to offer.

Ask for audience input

People love to give their opinion and, once they do, they feel more invested in the decision they weighed in on. If you have some changes coming up, include your audience. Don’t forget to share the process and results so people are inspired to do it again in the future.

Run a giveaway

There is one thing that people love even more than giving their opinion, and that is getting free stuff. Do an Instagram giveaway to easily boost engagement. Choose an item that people will be motivated to win, but at a small enough price point that you get value out of it.

Weekly themes:

You have probably heard of Throwback Thursday but coming up with your own posting themes can add some extra fun to your social feeds and give people a reason to keep coming back. Have a Friday dance off if your team is game or launch “Welcome Wednesday” to introduce new team members.


You can never go wrong with having a little bit of fun with current social media trends. If something is trending, put your heads together with your team to figure out the best way to put your own spin on it.

We hope this list is helpful, but if you need a hand planning out your social media content, our team is ready for you. Get a free one-hour consultation.