5 digital marketing trends businesses should implement in 2019

by | Feb 13, 2019 | Ads, Advertising, Branding, Marketing, Social Media, Social Media Campaigns, Social Media Marketing | 0 comments

This year is going to be big for digital marketing.

With the way that technology and social media is constantly changing, the hunt for the next big thing that will improve ways to connect with customers and impact sales is always a priority in the world of marketing.

Here are some digital marketing trends businesses can watch for, and implement, in 2019 as they build upon their successes.

Video Ads

The mobile video industry is enormous and will only expand in 2019, creating endless opportunity to showcase goods and services through video ads.

Video continues to make up a staggering percentage of Internet traffic. Your video ads can piggyback off the success and popularity of what everyone is watching, boosting conversions and building your brand. Utilizing the targeting capabilities of various social media platforms, video also can be a powerful way to expand the reach of digital ads.

Messenger Tools

People are spending more screen time to not only consume video, but to connect with others through popular messaging apps, like Facebook and Whatsapp.

As use of messaging apps grows, in-app advertising is also expected to jump this year. The reason for the jump is attributed to high user rate and ability to convert. As your business looks for new ways to reach customers, messaging apps and chat-like tools may be something to consider.

Content Marketing

Communicating your brand, goods and services is conveyable on various platforms, but no other can have the impact that strong content marketing has.

Effective online content provides something of value and education. At the same time, it positively reflects on your brand. As you grow your networks and build relationships with leaders in your field, the success of content marketing is multiplied with the backing of influencers.

Good content and strong social media strategies will amplify key messages, polish your brand and most importantly, deliver value to your customers and potential customers.

Online Integration

Harnessing the potency of online, social and mobile marketing, including a strategic text messaging campaign, will separate good from great digital marketing in 2019.

With the proper integration of all of these important mediums, your marketing strategy will be robust, more efficient and avoid redundancies. As a result, your company will be able to deploy a laser-focused message and brand.

Establish Trust

Be an expert, be interesting.

That’s what audiences crave.

Innovative methods of engaging your audience will win over consumers who are seeking new ways to connect with products and brands.

Whether you stream a live video to showcase a service you’re excited about, establishing dialogue among your customers, providing advice or expertise in approachable and interactive ways will help create trust and strong awareness of your brand.

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