A question that we get asked often is “how do I know that I’m reaching my target market on social media?” It’s a very valid and important question and ties directly to the success of any social media campaign. Basically – if you’re not reaching your target market – you’re wasting your time. Here are five basic tips and strategies to ensure you’re reaching the right audience:

1. Don’t mass follow – hoping for “follow backs”. It’s tempting to gather as many followers as possible on Twitter – but validate each one you follow and verify that they would potentially be interested in your business. Read their bio – would they be interested in your product? Do they live in the same city that your store is based out of? For example – if you own a store selling ski clothing in Sacramento, don’t follow a surfer based in Australia – instead do an advanced search and target your region!

2. Visit Twellow and WeFollow and follow the listed people in your target market.

3. Join relevant groups on LinkedIn and Facebook and offer value to the group – answer questions, post articles – become a valuable resource!

4. Make absolutely sure that the majority of your content and updates are relevant and interesting to people in your target market. But also add personality – so that they get to know you as a person. Remember to be social!

5. List your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other applicable social network icons on your blog, webpage, email signature line and on your business cards to encourage your contacts to find you.

Do you have another tried and true method to find your target audience? Comment below and let us know.

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