LinkedIn launches Matched Audience for powerful retargeting tools

by | May 16, 2017

LinkedIn, the leading employer-employee social media site, is improving its marketing capabilities through its matched audience technology. Companies can already target people based on a number of filtering categories, including company name, job type, title, skills and so on. These are helpful, but without the powerful infrastructure for retargeting or the use of primary data, they will only take professionals so far. LinkedIn says its Matched Audiences is the retargeting solution.

It will allow users to find people already known to them. For instance, it enables companies to retarget people who already visited their website, market to those on their contact lists and reach out to people at desired companies. Let’s break down how each one works in more detail.

Website Retargeting

For those who want to re-engage website visitors, LinkedIn thinks it’s engineered a solution. A simple tag will power conversion tracking, retargeting and web analytics for your LinkedIn ad campaign. Once this is set up, you can define your audience by their behavior and begin building your targeted custom audiences.

Account Targeting

If you want to grab the attention of influencers and decision makers at particular companies, you can do so using this. With account targeting, LinkedIn users can securely upload a list of companies they choose and match them with the nearly 12 million companies already using the giant platform. You can then support your marketing by reaching people who work for these companies you’re targeting.

Contact Targeting

Users can upload their own list of customers or email contacts that they worked so hard to build into LinkedIn-friendly platforms like Marketo, Oracle Eloqua and LiveRamp. The company said it is exploring the use of other integrations. Many people already using retargeting will think this works a lot like Facebook or Google ads. LinkedIn hopes that these ads will be more potent because they’ll appear in a business ecosystem, instead of, say, among picture of friends or political rants. Marketers will be able to use targeting options to aim their sponsored posts appropriately. Here’s a video overview of how the system works.