The key to turning occasional customers into loyal fans

by | Nov 4, 2013

Turning Customers into Fans

Customer Loyalty Strategies

It couldn’t be more simple -interact with them. Too often, Twitter users and Facebook pages will assume that their followers are listening to what they’re saying. But that’s not always true. They may see your message, but what would really make them take action?Image

The best way to turn your followers into loyal customers and true fans is to interact with them on social media by commenting on their tweets and posts, and responding when they mention you and post to your wall.

Do they list a website or business on their bio? Visit it, find something you think is great, and comment on it.

Did they just tweet about their upcoming anniversary? Tell them congratulations.

By interacting them, you’re telling them that you care about their daily life – and they in turn will care more about what you have to offer. The fact is, we tend to forget that social media is social first and media second. Your followers on Facebook and Twitter aren’t really interested in having a product pushed at them. They know your product already – that’s why they’ve voluntarily signed up to listen to you. Of course, there are other ways to ensure that your followers will buy – by announcing big sales or specials or giving away free items – and you should take advantage of this method when you can. But the customers you’re retaining with those methods may not be loyal; they’re just looking for the best price and the best giveaways.

If you were unable to beat out your competition next time, you’d lose that business. Having loyal followers is imperative – and you can create them by engaging them in conversation and staying at the top of their mind. You’ve been given a chance to build your relationship with your clients online – so take advantage of it!

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