Five ways to reach your audience on Facebook

by | Jun 5, 2014

Social Media.

Two small words that create joy and excitement in some, and fear and foreboding in others. Getting your brand out in the grand world of social media can be intimidating and overwhelming at times. But don’t let fear hinder your success. By taking small steps, you too can join the ranks of the social sphere.

One of the best ways to start marketing your brand is by joining Facebook. As of early 2014, there are 1.23 billion users on the site. Facebook is a great opportunity to reach a wide range of people, either worldwide or just locally – it’s all in the way you market yourself. After you’ve started a Facebook page for your brand, use these tips to help reach your audience.

Facebook Ads

By creating an ad, your page can advertise in people’s News Feed. Attention-grabbing graphics and concise taglines are the best things to focus on in an ad. You can generate good growth with usually $50 a month.


Contests are a great way to generate page likes. Giving away gift cards or iPads/Kindle Fires are fun ways to help grow your business.

Boost Posts

Due to changes in Facebook’s News Feed policy, organic reach is down. By boosting your posts for as little as a dollar a day, your reach can grow from ten’s to hundred’s of view. Obviously, the more money you put toward boosting your post, the more views you will receive.

Social Media Marketing


It’s important to use a wide variety of content. Don’t just advertise yourself and your business and bombard your followers trying to sell your content. Posts with pictures, trivia and articles from other sources are a good way to inform your viewers about a variety of things. If your goal is posting five times a week, a mixture of two to three brand-targeted posts and two to three various-source posts will keep your viewers from feeling like they are trying to be constantly sold to. If you have a post that your followers Like or Share, organic reach also grows and more people see your post.

Be Genuine

A human touch is important in the world of technology to keep things from being too cold and sterile. Having candor and honesty can go a long way with building a relationship with your followers. So don’t fear the unknown and get too overwhelmed on how/where to start on social media. Give Facebook a try and get the ball rolling. Your customers are waiting.