Tips on starting a vlog to grow your brand

by | Aug 2, 2019

Vlogging is a good strategy to help build an online brand. A vlog is essentially a blog, but instead of it being word-based it is video-based. You have probably heard of YouTube and Instagram “stars,” well they largely get to that status because they create unique video content geared toward a target audience.

If you stick with it, hone your craft and remain consistent in your brand, then you could end up making a name for yourself among your customer base.

And believe us when we say that your customers are watching videos on social media. There are 3.2 billion social media users around the world – that is 42 percent of the globe’s population! Combine that with the fact that one third of the people on the internet use YouTube and 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day, and you can see why more brands need to be putting out video content on social media!

So, where do you begin?

Right here, with this blog, of course!

When you first start vlogging, you may have a few questions, such as: 

  1. What camera should I use?
  2. What should I talk about?
  3. How should I structure my vlogs?
  4. How do I edit my vlogs?

Vlog Brand Growth Tips

Let’s answer each of these.

Which Type of Camera Should You Use?

You may have heard: “The best camera you have is the one that’s in your pocket.” For beginners, using your phone can be a great way to get yourself into the creative process of storytelling your day or delivering relatable content to your audience. If you do use your phone, consider purchasing a tripod that can hold your phone steady for you as you talk into it, and so you don’t drop it.

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As you begin to progress and want to start making higher-quality videos, you may consider purchasing a DSLR or Mirrorless camera, and appropriate audio gear, such as a lapel microphone. This is not essential to growing your following or brand, however, and most people actually appreciate the authenticity that comes from a basic video filmed on a phone.

What Should You Say?

It is recommended that you do sit down and begin to list out topics in your industry that are pain points for many and begin to think of ways to address those pain points. This type of guidance will resonate. Do people in your target audience struggle with making big decisions? Do they need help determining the next steps in a purchase or with career growth? Talk to them about it and offer any advice you can.

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And if you still struggle to come up with what to say in your vlogs, remember this: Say anything and everything that comes to mind because once you put all your film into a video editor, you can cut out whatever you don’t like. Also, as you practice more, speaking into the camera will become more natural and less awkward compared to when you are just starting out.

You could also try to build out scripts, but avoid reading off a script or teleprompter when filming if possible because people will be able to see your eyes tracking the words, and that makes the content feel less authentic.

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How to Structure the Vlog

In terms of structure, there are three parts to a vlog:

  1. Intro
  2. Body
  3. Outro

Your intro can be composed of you introducing yourself and saying, “Welcome back to another video” and of course, if you are just starting out, “I am starting a new video series where I [Insert what your video series is about].” A good rule of thumb is to have a theme with your videos so that your followers can always expect something from you, whether you are talking about cars, hiking gear, or how to start a business.

The body of your video is pretty self-explanatory, this area will dive into the specific topic of the video.

The outro is when some people choose to say, “and catch you another time,” or “see you in another video.” Some people also choose to outro their vlogs with a funny blooper clip that is supposed to make their audience laugh.

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You can also request that people subscribe to your channel, share it, like it, etc.

Also, keep in mind that Instagram limits videos to 60 seconds, unless they are posted on IGTV. So, if you want to use that platform (and you might want to considering that there were 500 million daily active Instagram story users worldwide in January), keep that timeframe in mind when filming a topic. If you can get to a point where you can keep your videos to 60 seconds and it is a succinct message, they should be pretty easy to share.

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Editing Vlogs

Editing can be one of the most daunting parts of the process of making a vlogespecially for someone who doesn’t know much about editing software.

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You don’t need a computer to edit a vlog, however. There are plenty of free apps that allow you to edit straight from your phone. If you are planning on doing any fancy editing though, you will need to upgrade to a laptop or desktop computer to complete this task.

Here are a few tips for editing your videos:

  • Make a screen that starts with your name/what “episode” this current video of the vlog is. You can intro your vlog with this if you forgot to film one in first place.
  • Choose royalty-free/copyright-free music to put over your video to create an atmosphere.
  • Don’t over-edit. Try not to make the video too choppy or difficult to follow.
  • Take notice of when you would have liked something else in the video that would have helped tell a better story. Use this information for the next time you go out and film, so you don’t make the same mistake.
  • If you want to be fancy, you can attempt to “color grade” your footage to make it look more cinematic.

To someone who is just starting out, all of this may sound intimidating. Just remember that the people who will be watching your videos are people just like you. They understand that things don’t always come out perfectly, and in fact, imperfections humanize you and allow people to relate to you. Try to offer helpful advice, with a twist of humor.

And if you need any help getting your vlog off the ground, make sure to contact us. We would be happy to help.